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All kinds of industrial ball valves
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All kinds of industrial ball valves

  • YZF-BV02

Products Details 

1. Product Type: ball valves

2. Executive Standard: American Standard (API), German standard (DIN), International Standard

(ISO), GB (GB), British standard (BS), etc.;

3. Material: WCB (A105), LCB (LF2), C5 (F5), WC6 (F11), WC9 (F22), CF8 (F304), CF8M (F316),

4.A (F51), 5A (F53), 6A (F55), CK3MCUN (F44), MONEL, INCONEL (625,825), 20 alloy,

aluminum bronze (B148 C95500, C95400), etc.;

4. Nominal diameter: 1 / 2 "--- 56" (DN15-DN1400);

5. Nominal pressure: CLASS 150---CLASS 2500 (PN16-PN420),

6. Operating temperature: -196 °C --- 650 °C;

7. Uses: petroleum, natural gas, oil refining, chemical, power plants, ships and other conditions,

Founder of the company's operating criteria: integrity first, customer-oriented.

8. Body Processing: Investment casting and Sand Casting

9. Minimum order: 10PCS

10. Market: Japan, UK, German, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Pakistan, Brazil, UAE, Canada, Malaysia, Korea and so on.

Structure Features

Fully welded construction

Designed in conformity with API Spec.6D

Floating mounted, self-centering seating ring systems with pre-tensioned spring elements

Trunnion-mounted ball plugs

Low torques

Maintenance-free sealing and mounting systems

Strength of seal determined by the pressure in the line double block and bleed

Single piston design (SPE) with self-relieving seating rings

Optional double piston design (DPE)

Optional sealing system PMSS

Dual and single adjustable trunnion seal

Secondary injection of sealant

Blow-out protection at trunnions

Drain and vent connections

No build-up of electrostatic charge

Optional stem extension

Fireproofed in conformity with 6FA and BS6755


Design Features:

All-welded body structure of the ball low body weight, their ideal body can handle the ball higher pressure and bending moment.

Able to withstand the high internal and external pressures. Choose different material combinations to ensure that the valve be reliable corrosive situations, such as acidic gases.



With the characteristic of quick switch, small flow resistance, small weight and reliable sealing, the full-welded pipeline ball valve has been the No.1 choice of the controlling part used in transportation, sub-station circulation pipeline and device connection, inverted port and cleaning equipment and so on 

Type Ball Valve
Material Carbon Steel
Structure  Ball
Port Size DN50-DN1500
Standard API6D
Media Water, Oil, Gas, steam
Power Hydraulic
Pressure Low pressure
Temperature High temperature
Application Water supply

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