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Pipe Fitting Factory
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Pipe Fitting Factory
Pipe Fitting Factory
Pipe Fitting Factory
Pipe Fitting Factory
Pipe Fitting Factory
Pipe Fitting Factory
Pipe Fitting Factory
Our pipe fittings factory is a professional manufacturer of butt weld and forged pipe fittings. Our main products include various materials of 45DEG/90DEG/180DEG Elbows, Equal/Reducer Tees, Caps, Concentric/Eccentric Reducers, Unions, Couplings, Nipples, Plugs, Sockolet/ Wedolet/ Thredolet,  gas header/collector, . Our products are widely applied in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, brewing, textile and building industries.

Our leading products including seamlessly elbow, siphon and sharp bend and all adopt intermediate frequency induction heating forming technology, which is the latest technology on pipe fitting making in the world. Our products are characterized by refined grain, compact tissue, uniform wall thickness, reliable quality, accurate physical dimensions, natural and handsome flow line, smooth surface, convenient construction and installation. Products manufactured with this technology are safest and most reliable pipe fittings for petrochemical and electric power enterprises.

We have three intermediate frequency induction heating forming production lines like Ф219, Ф325 and Ф630, three pipe bender units, two single sweep tee units, three cold push units, 10 presses like 3000T, 1000T, 800T, 500T, 315T, 200T, 100T and 60T, as well as matched baiting, heat treatment, reshaping, metal processing, shot and sand blasting, scouring and passivating equipment, and complete sets of tooling molds.

We have perfect quality management system, advanced and complete testing equipment. Chemical composition analysis, direct reading spectrum, arc thickness test, hardness test, tensile test, impact test, liquid penetrant test, magnaflux inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection, eddy current test, radiographic test, metallographic analysis, and hydrostatic test can all be carried out within our factory. We have successfully passed the certificates of ISO9002-1994, ISO9001-2000 and ISO9001-2008. Our production and management strictly follow the quality manual and program file, with a 100% inspection system from raw material procurement to end product delivery, including self-check, mutual check, incoming test and delivery inspection. Therefore, our products are not only complete in specification, but also leading in quality. In particular, our manufacturing technologies of intermediate frequency induction heating forming stainless steel elbow, sharp bender, and concentrated pipe rank in the forefront of the domestic industry.

Our domestic pipe fittings accord with GB, SH, HG, GD and SY standards, and exported products fulfill the quality requirements of U.S. ANSIB16.9, B16.28 and B16.11 standards, Japan JISB2312 and JISB2313 standards, Germany DIN2605, DIN2615 and DIN2617 standards.

Since its foundation, our plant has established longterm stable supply and demand relationships with more than 100 large and medium sized domestic and abroad enterprises in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgical, shipbuilding textile industries, and so on.
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