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Studying "Disciple Rules" to Strengthen Enterprise Culture Construction

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In order to carry forward the spirit of enterprise culture, 3S International carried out the activities of learning "Disciple Rules". It lasts for 3 months, from May 5th,2016 until August 8th. 2016. Our company leaders paid utmost attention to this activity, the aim is to improve employees' occupation accomplishment, to form good moral character and a very well living habit. In the mean while, let our employees learn the traditional virtues of filial piety, faith, love and benevolence. Though studying "Disciple Rules", we make the thought of "disciple rules" combined with the actual behavior of the company. So that we can find good aspects and our shortcomings, continue to improve.

Knowledge gained by studying Disciple Rules”:

Victor Fung--General Manager
After studying Disciple Rules”, i reflect on what i have done and care about my family more. Be a filial, sincere and kind person. 

The love which mentioned in the Disciple Rules” is the same as our company's culture. Our company advocates the culture of family. All the members of our company are family, caring for each other.

As long as we have love in our hearts, there will be less complaints, more understanding and tolerance. Working with the love, we will love colleagues and get along well with each other. Working with the love, we will understand and be in awe of the company's management practices. Working with the love, we will understand customers requirements, communicate with customers honestly, continuously improving and initiative to provide customers with quality products and good service. Working with the love, we will be optimistic and confident. No matter what difficulties we meet, we can face all with smile, and try our best to overcome it, realize the company goal and realize the value of life. Living with the love, we will love, understand and tolerate our family with the positive and optimistic attitude.
Xin Xu--Financial Manager
Bill Gates understood the meaning of the world after he learnt “Disciple Rules”. Whether you are a beggar or a millionaire, whether you are the emperor or civilians, the only thing that we can't wait on earth is to honor our parents. Every day, we are on the move to survive and develop, it really needs to calm down to reflect ourselves.
Xuehong Shen--Accountant 
Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standardsDisciple Rules” draws up a set of rules, it is the foundation to go on in society.

Vicky Lee--Sales Manager
Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. When doing things, one should have the rules, understand the rules and keep the rules!

Amy Xia-- Sales Department
Virtue can make up for the lack of talent but talent can't make up for the lack of virtue. It will add luster to you if you can apply your virtue to your talent.  

Jordan Lee--Sales Department
There must be one out of three who can be your teacher. Learning from other people's strong points to counteract one's own weaknesses, so that we can make great


Fiona Chang--Sales Department
Studying Disciple Rulesis a process of self-reflection. To be grateful, modest, studious and Cultivate our moral character.

Lucy Cao--Transportation Department
Learning Disciple Rules let me know what is love, filial piety, trust, tolerance and friendship.

Jenny Lee--Transportation Department
Society is a big stage, people can lose themselves on this stage at any time, but "Disciple Rules" taught me to learn to be grateful, taught me to know the rules, taught me how to behave and constantly to improve myself and find my own stage.

Chao Sun--QC Manager
Be a honest person, be serious in work. We need to put the customers interests in the first place, provide quality products and services to meet customers' need.

Jian Huang--QC Department
Be honest and do what we say, carry forward the spirit of hard work, striving and be positive.

Yu Huang--QC Department
Life is various, the most important thing is having a good conduct. Be a good man before you do something.

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