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General Knowledge of Pipe Fittings

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Pipe fittings classification 
1 . classify by material:
 Carbon steel: ASTM/ASME A234 WPB, WPC
 Alloy steel: ASTM/ASME A234 WP 1-WP alloy: 12-WP 11-WP 22-WP 5-WP 91-WP911, 15Mo3               15CrMoV,35CrMoV
 Stainless steel: ASTM/ASME A403 WP 304-304L-304H-304LN-304N
 ASTM/ASME A403 WP 316-316L-316H-316LN-316N-316Ti
 ASTM/ASME A403 WP 321-321H ASTM/ASME A403 WP 347-347H
 Low temperature steel: ASTM/ASME A402 WPL3-WPL 6
 High performance steel: ASTM/ASME A860 WPHY 42-46-52-60-65-70
2.classify by manufacturing it can be divided into pushing, pressing, forging, casting     etc..
3.classify by standard it can be divided into the National standard, power, ship   standar,Japanese standard, German standard, American Standard, Russia standard       etc..
4. according to its radius of curvature it can be divided into long radius elbow short     radius elbowand.
The main products of our company have all kinds of stainless steel, carbon steel and other caliber seamless steel pipe. We also have stainless steel manifold,the ultraviolet sterilizer, plastic pipe end caps; elbow, tee, cross ,reducer and all kinds of valves ; all kinds of stainless steel flanges, forged flange; Our products are widely used in municipal, petrochemical, natural gas east,ships and nuclear power engineering.







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